“Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.”

I love this song by the Eurythmics! It’s all about inspiring women to get out there and do what they love! Today’s post is all about my why and my who. Why am I creating this website and who do I want to read it? Well, as the title says, it’s for my sisters! All the sisters out there who are tired of not living their best lives, who want more, who are sick of feeling bad, who look in the mirror and don’t like who they see. For me, this website is going to be an outlet to express my journey of becoming a better me through fitness, fun, food, and fashion! I’m laying it all out there and not holding back! It won’t always be pretty, but it will be me, and real! Come along with me, it’s gonna be great! “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves. Standin’ on their own two feet. And ringin’ on their own bells. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.”